Executive Summary of Project Goals

Building on success

XGC1, developed in the previous SciDAC cycle under the Proto-FSP Center for Plasma Edge Simulation (CPES), is the world’s first and only gyrokinetic code able to simulate the multi-scale turbulence and background physics in realistic edge geometries including the magnetic separatrix and the material wall. XGC1 is designed to be a modern extreme-scale code, capable of running efficiently up to the full capacity of current high-performance computing systems. Close collaborations with the SciDAC SDM (Scientific Data Management), TOPS (Toward Optimal Petascale Simulations), and PERI (Performance Engineering Research Institute) teams made the birth of this fusion code possible. The Adios adaptable I/O system, DataSpaces data-staging substrate, and eSiMon dashboard have been conceived and developed under this collaborative CPES project, as part of the End-to-end Framework for Fusion Integrated Simulation (EFFIS). XGC0 is an axisymmetric, guiding-center version of XGC1, which has been developed in CPES for multi-scale integration with XGC1 to enable experimental timescale kinetic computing of the edge multi-physics self-consistently. The XGC codes utilized many of the kinetic simulation technologies from the US codes GEM, GTC, ORBIT, and others.