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SciDAC-3 Center for Edge Physics Simulation
(Project PI: Choong-Seock Chang, PPPL)

The EPSI SciDAC Partnership will develop advanced fusion simulation codes based upon first-principles physical models to provide insight into edge plasma physics in magnetic fusion devices. Collaborations with the SciDAC Institutes will ensure reliable and efficient solution of validated models on extreme-scale, high-performance computers. For more information on the center click here.

This figure shows an electrostatic potential perturbation
from a petascale simulation of full-function gyrokinetic
ion temperature gradient turbulence in realistic global
DIII-D geometry. The magnetic separatrix surface
is highlighted in the edge region.

The movie shows electrostatic turbulence across the separatrix at the outside midplane. Tearing off of the pedestal turbulence by a sheared poloidal flow and subsequent blob formation can be seen. (Watch in HD for best results)


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