Welcome to theĀ SciDAC-4 Center for
High-Fidelity Boundary Simulation
(Project PI: Choong-Seock Chang, PPPL)

The HBPS SciDAC Partnership will develop advanced fusion simulation codes based upon first-principles physical models to provide insight into edge plasma physics in magnetic fusion devices. Collaborations with the SciDAC Institutes will ensure reliable and efficient solution of validated models on extreme-scale, high-performance computers. For more information on the center click here.

This figure shows an electrostatic potential perturbation
from a petascale simulation of full-function gyrokinetic
ion temperature gradient turbulence in realistic global
DIII-D geometry. The magnetic separatrix surface
is highlighted in the edge region.

YouTube Video

The movie shows electrostatic turbulence across the separatrix at the outside midplane. Tearing off of the pedestal turbulence by a sheared poloidal flow and subsequent blob formation can be seen. (Watch in HD for best results)

This movie explains the physics of the self-generated bootstrap current in the narrow H-mode edge pedestal in tokamak plasmas, especially the important role of trapped particles (published in Physics of Plasmas, 2016).
(Visualization by T. Neuroth, F. Sauer, J. Xie and K.-L. Ma, UC Davis, CA)